Bridging the Gap between Government & Community

Community Involvement is a FREE, Community based platform, that provides you with a space to provide input to elected officials, stay informed about the community, and communicate with one another to help create improvements, tackle issues, and grow the City of Merrill.

This site intends to bridge the Communication and Representation gap between our Local Government and Community, that many Community Members currently feel exists. This site is not operated by the City of Merrill, tho City Input is not only encouraged, but it is recommended, to maintain the highest level of Trust and Respect possible between the City of Merrill and Tax Payers.

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Our Forms are a Free Communication tool to you and the community, to discuss a variety of ever expanding possibilities.

In the forums, you are invited to work with others, to help develop new ideas and put them into action! You can also discuss ways of tackeling important community issues.

This is Your chance to get involved and make a difference!

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