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Hello, and Welcome to This site an infomational & communication tool, to help you stay better connected with your local leaders, discuss Merrill Topics and Issues, and to become more active as a Community, to keep the City of Merrill Thriving!

What do we offer? is a user-friendly, community commuincation tool!
Together, we discuss important community topics and ideas, to keep our Beautiful city of Merrill moving forward and always improving!

Jobs and Industry

Together we shall achieve a much larger local growth of exciting new career opportunities!

Population growth

Let's turn around our declining population, and keep young adults here for generations to come!

Recreation and Activities

Together, lets develop new and exciting Community organized projects like the River Bend Trail!

Connect and Communicate

Visit our forum to connect with others in the community and even contact your local officials!

Why are we here?

Recently there have been numerous hot topics being discussed in and around town. Community members, not knowing where to find the answers, often turn to facebook instead of a dedicated information hub with immediate help.

This site offers not only a specific source of community related topics, to give you the explanations you need and to discuss them together, but it also serves as a place to give your elected representatives input on upcoming projects, votes, and proposals, and we even provide additional methods to contact them.

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Setting the Record Straight values an informed population. As such, we have created a section called Setting the Record Straight. Here, we provide you with the answers you need, to hot item discussions taking place in and around the City of Merrill, as well as in the Forums!

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2018 Candidate Forums

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Community Gallery

This is a place for the community to share pictures taken in the Beautiful City of Merrill!

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Upcoming Events

Have a Public Event to share with the Community? Please submit it in the Forums!

April 3 2018

2018 City of Merrill Elections

Elections for the City of Merrill are set for April 3rd. Make sure you get out and vote! If you need more information regarding WHERE to vote, please click below.

All Day

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April 3 2018

Official Launch of

We are rapidly approaching the Official Launch of, set for the same day as the Merrill City Elections!


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